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Building an Amazing Website:

5 Helpful Tips to Follow
by The Digital Design Company in Buffalo, New York

The quality of your website can either make or break your business efforts. After all, a website often serves as the central hub or source of business for many businesses.

Have you ever clicked a link from a social media ad, only to land on a page that doesn’t fit in the browser, runs slow, and is filled to the brim with tacky photos and scammy content? More than likely, you left that website in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

When you land on a high-quality website, on the other hand, you naturally want to stay on the page for longer––you feel an inclination to view more of the website’s content. This is good website and UX design at work. As you can see, developing a high-quality website can truly take your business or endeavor to the next level.

Why Website Builder Sites Aren’t The Way

Sure, you can opt to simply use one of the several website builders available, such as Wix, Squarespace, or even GoDaddy. However, I would strongly advise against using these, especially if you plan to use your website for business in some way or another. Here are a few reasons why these website builders may not be the best option for you:

Your Website Will Not Be Unique.

Due to the cookie-cutter nature of website builder services, it is highly likely that thousands of other sites will use the same template as yours. This includes not only the look and feel but the linking structure and other behind-the-scenes features as well.

Website Builders Aren’t Made For SEO

Having an awesome visual layout of your site is one thing. However, in order for your site to rank well in Google and other search engines, you’ll need effective SEO built right into the website to boost ranking potential. Since website builder sites are plug-and-play format, they tend to lack this important SEO coding.

You Might Promote Your Competition

Research has found that many website builders include attached strings on website templates that most users don’t realize are there. This means ads may be placed on your site or even small links to other websites––potentially your competition.

5 Helpful Tips to Follow to Build an Amazing Website

As you can see, despite the fact that website builders are easy to use, they also come with some serious downfalls. Especially if you’re using your website for business, you’ll want to either build your own site or hire a professional website developer.

Yes, this does mean that your website may take weeks (or months) to build. However, your website will most likely be the place where all of your content, services, or products are listed. Your website will also be the link that potential customers click as they scroll through social media and see your ads.

In a nutshell, a website is one of the most effective money-making machines your business can have. Let’s take a look at five quick and helpful tips to follow so you can build an amazing website.

#1: Start With the End Goal in Mind

Every website is being built for a different purpose. Some serve as blogs. Others serve as eCommerce or service subscription platforms. Before starting with the website building process, it’s important to keep the end goal in mind. Define exactly what you’re looking to use the website for.

#2: Hire (and Trust) Your Website Developer

Since building a website requires true expertise, it’s probably best for you to hire a professional website developer. Also, instead of going into the discussion having a “just do as I say” mindset, trust your website developer.

Let them know what your most important goals are of course, but also allow them the flexibility and autonomy to build as they see fit. You’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised with the result. The Digital Design Co. is a great affordable website designer in Buffalo if you’re in the area.

#3: Learn a Few SEO Tactics

As you build your website, SEO should be of high importance. Sure you may be having the help of a website designer, but it’s always good to have some search engine optimization knowledge yourself. In the marketing and sales conversion realm, it has one of the greatest ROIs to date.

When you have a good SEO strategy, your marketing efforts can be virtually put on autopilot mode, with customers and traffic coming your way without much effort after implementation. Start with the basics and learn more as you go.

#4: Follow a Mobile-First Design Strategy

In today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy world, people are surfing the web on their mobile devices more than on a desktop or laptop. In fact, according to a study by Statista, 63.4% of the entire world population use their mobile device to surf the internet.

Mobile-first design is a strategy in design that focuses on creating frameworks and concepts for the smallest screen first, working your way up to the larger screens as you go. When you create an effective website and experience for the mobile user, you’ll be catering to the majority of the population.

#5: Opt for a Reliable Hosting Provider

There are several hosting platforms available on the market, all with their own perks and level of quality. However, one of the best options available today is Bluehost. Just make sure to review what comes with each hosting company’s offer so you can compare and select what works best for you. website designer